Web Update – Youth Summer Employment

As part of our mandate, Jaku Konbit is committed to assist youths in finding paid summer employment and to gain first-time work experience. We recognize that students can often have a difficult time finding their first summer job. It can be very intimidating preparing a resume, approaching prospective employers, and being interviewed. Some are not even sure where to begin.

Youth unemployment rates remain stubbornly high, so in collaboration with the Youth Services Bureau (YSB), the Ottawa Catholic School Board, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s Focus on Youth (FOY) Programs and the YMCA-YWCA, we do our part to empower the youth and help give them real work experience and responsibilities. YSB executive director Joanne Lowe said, “Putting that first line on your resume opens so many doors for future employment”. Jaku’s Summer Employment Program is about investing in youth today so it will have a real impact on their futures.

The Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action in 2000, underlined the significance of

youth employment to social development, both through poverty alleviation and social

integration, when it called for developing and strengthening programs targeted at youth

living in poverty in order:

  • To enhance their economic, educational, social and cultural opportunities;
  • To promote constructive social relations among them; and
  • To provide them with connections outside their communities to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

The Jaku Youth Summer Employment Program offers 3 types of summer job opportunities training youth between the ages of 15 and 18. These are as a:

  • Camp counsellor;
  • Office administrator; or
  • Green Star gardener;

They could gain skills in leadership, administration and organization, arts and creativity, horticulturalism, athletics and basic knowledge of food preparation, security and family law. And they could gain soft skills too, like being responsible and punctual. All of these skills will help give them an initial foothold in finding future employment and give them the confidence and experience required.

Note that throughout the year, college or university students can also be paid as tutors through Jaku Konbit’s Black Star Tutoring Program. Please contact the Office at 613-567-0600 to obtain more information on all of Jaku’s paid employment opportunities or to get an application form.

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