JK JOCA Housing for Black Seniors in Ottawa: 2017 Report

The JK JOCA team wrapped up their project on housing on February 18, 2017. The event took place at the McNabb community centre with approximately 40 people in attendance. On this day, the team was glad to unveil a magazine documenting the project.

Guest speaker Resa Soloman presented her personal and professional experience relating to senior care. She detailed the importance of cultural sensitivity amongst the staff of senior living environments, and the importance of the concept in general when looking at long term care. Resa also detailed how important the caregiver role is in senior care. During the question and answer period, Resa gave details about her catering services and how they would benefit seniors and all people with dietary needs, as she is a trained chef.

Sue from Focus on Seniors gave an informative presentation on how to prepare for retirement, and other important information relating to living out your golden years. She emphasized the importance of being proactive with retirement- get prepared early, not when there is an urgency. She has a table with plenty of information on Focus on Seniors that our participants got to take away.

The respective presidents Judith John (JOCA) and Ken Campbell (JK) summarized the project, and spoke to the goals of the project. To conclude the event, the presidents participated in a question and answer period, along with Sue and Resa. Joanne Robinson, co-project leader thanked all involved in the project. Overall, the final session for this project was very informative. A database was started with names of participants present. These participants guest speakers, and other relevant community members and seniors will be invited to participate in future phases of this project.