Chi-Chi Ayalogu


Above all else, Chi-Chi Ayalogu considers her most important roles in life to be that of mother, spouse, and Biafran academic, three pivotal titles that identify what Jaku Konbit truly means to her.

For Chi-Chi, family and culture are of most importance in her quest for identity preservation, hence why she could be spotted at all of Jaku Konbit's African History Classes with her baby and her camera, documenting and creating lasting memories for the organization.

Ken Campbell's following quote best encapsulates her role as Jaku Konbit's Social Media Expert and Outreach Worker: "span class="italics">as black people, we must control the narrative and tell our own stories".

A documentarian ofsorts and a constant truth seeker, she takes pride in creating lasting narratives through Jaku Konbit's many social media pages.