Call Me! Let's Chat


Call Me Let’s Chat! is about increasing opportunities for seniors to participate in community events and programs. This project is aimed to engage seniors by connecting them to events, programs and activities through social media and technology.

Let’s Chat project connects youth and seniors to work together. Seniors learn from youth how to use their smart phones, WhatsApp, skyping, paying bills online, and how to stay connected and informed via social media.

Seniors Drop-in Programs

We provide the following activities:

  • Health promotion presentations
  • Social tea and seniors peer to peer support
  • Light seated exercise
  • Games
  • Arts
  • Computer Lessons
  • Social Events
  • Trips
  • Nature Hikes

Virtual Session Archives

Harriet Tubman and Eldership
Nanny of the Maroons and Eldership
Benjamin-Pap Singleton– Seniors and Isolation

Photo Gallery