Abigail Eyob


Abigail Eyob is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at Carleton University studying Social Work with a minor in Human Rights & Social Justice. She hopes to graduate in April 2022. She has received multiple internship opportunities over the years, and she hopes that she will be able to apply all that she has learned to all her future workplace experiences in the field.

Her primary interests are working with youth and immigrants. She has always been interested in working with youth because they are the future. Abigail is a second-generation immigrant and has always been interested in the immigration process and helping those new to Canada.

She was born and raised in Ottawa but is originally from Ethiopia. She enjoys visiting her Motherland and does it as often as she is able to. Her aspirations include hopefully receiving her Masters in Social Work in the future as well as using her knowledge to help and support those in need.

Abagail Eyob
BSW, Clinical Counseling
Provincial Youth Outreach Worker
Tel: 613-567-0600 / 613-252-4368
Email: pyow@jakukonbit.com