About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support individuals and families of African and Caribbean descent, and other equity deserving individuals, through community partnership and programming that results in successful economic and civic participation in Canadian society.


We want everyone to feel encouraged to participate, regardless of their ethnic or other backgrounds, so our Mission Statement embraces the following organizational values:

  • We strive to create and maintain a supportive, multicultural environment.
  • We treat all individuals with dignity and equity and strive to be responsive to our community needs.
  • We believe that every one of all ages enriches our society through his or her unique contribution.
  • We value teamwork, resourcefulness and optimism.
  • We are committed to cultivating inter-dependent, harmonious relationships within and outside of our community.
  • We are dedicated to being effective, adaptable and principled in our approach to people and problems.
  • We believe in family and our commitments to each other, whatever form these may take, and the importance of everyone’s role, as our elders, our young, our peers, and our selves.


Program and Service Excellence

To deliver and be recognized for providing the best quality, youth, elder and community programs that serve everyone with an African heritage and that are wholly open to all others in our culturally diverse Ottawa.

A Strong Organization and Active Participation

To support a great management team and high quality administrative and financial systems that improve our programs, increase membership, and strengthen partnerships in a sustainable, transparent, and accountable manner.

Dynamic Community Engagement, Welcoming Events and Growth

To have our community members actively engaged in all aspects of civil society and the cultural diversity of Ottawa that is represented in Jaku Konbit.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Chandonette Johnson Chairperson
Barbara Wilson Treasurer
Prince Badoe Technology
Kwadjo Nyarko Youth Advisor

Executive Team

Ken Campbell President
Barbara Wilson Treasurer
Fred Sherman Strategic Advisor

Leadership Team

Nathalie Peterkin Black Star Tutoring Coordinator
Dianne Thompson Senior Fitness and Wellness Instructor
Domeniko Peterkin Community Outreach
Clyde Ledbetter History Education and Mentorship Coordinator
Abigail Eyob PYOW Program Coordinator
Gelila Geremew Operations Officer
Carmen Jones Greenstar Garden

Community Partners


Academic Institutions