African History Classes

Led by Dr. Clyde Ledbetter, our African History Courses cover various topics and historical periods related to African history. From Snitches and Sellouts to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., there's a whole world of history to explore.

We will resume our African World History courses Saturday, September 4th at 11:00AM with the course, "What to the African is Canada?".

This course will explore the relationship between African People and Canada from the early 17th century until the present. Students will be exposed to the various ways the relationship has been at times beneficial and at times harmful to the development of African People both inside and outside the the settler-colony/state.


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Dr. Clyde Ledbetter Jr. is an alumnus of Lincoln University and received his Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple University in 2013. He earned a second Masters degree in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford. He has taught in a private K-12 African-centered school in Philadelphia as well as at several colleges and universities in the U.S. including: Temple University, Lincoln University, and Cheyney University (the latter two are both historically Black universities).

In addition to co-editing the book Contemporary Critical Thought in Africology and Africana Studies with Dr. Molefi K. Asante, Dr. Ledbetter has also published articles on Malcolm X as well as various topics concerning human and peoples’ rights in the African world.

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