Black Star Tutoring

Jaku Konbit proudly offers students in grades 3-12 in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, the opportunity to achieve academic success with the Black Star Tutoring Program.


Black Star Tutoring is a mobile tutoring program that provides one-on-one tutoring services to all elementary and high school students. There is a special focus on children and youth, especially newcomers and immigrants, who may need assistance overcoming academic barriers and cultural challenges. Black Star Tutoring is a comprehensive, culturally-based, and affordable program.

Tutoring services are offered in various core subjects, namely math, science, English, and French by highly competent, university-educated tutors who reflect the immigrant community that is today’s Ottawa-Gatineau.

How it Works

Black Star Tutoring uses a one-on-one approach, so, both the tutors and students benefit from a personalized lesson plan. As a mobile service, students can receive in-home tutoring or meet their tutor at a local library in Ottawa.

What it Costs

At a cost of $25 per hour, for one-on-one tutoring sessions, Black Star Tutoring offers an affordable alternative compared with similar services in the region.

How to Register

You can register by contacting us by phone at 613-567-0600, or by filling out the registration form. You can also send your request for an application package by email at

Become a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, submit your resume along with your educational experience, subject specialization(s), and languages spoken to

Black Star Tutoring values self-confidence, organization, and perseverance as much as academic achievement.

Testimonials From Parents

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We Encourage You to Help

Tell friends or family who need a tutoring service about Black Star, or encourage smart, personable friends to consider becoming tutors. Together we can work towards a brighter future for our children and our community!