Call Me! Let's Chat

Call Me! Let’s Chat - African Caribbean Black (ACB) Seniors Program

We would like to inform you of the “Call me! Let’s Chat Program. It’s about connecting seniors to the community and increasing the opportunities for them to participate in community events, access to cultural food as well as combating isolation.

Isolation Initiative

The objective of the project is to engage black seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic by getting them to participate in activities such as exercise, games, sing along and bingo in addition to online information sessions. The program will include phone networking for regular wellness check-ins to make sure they are okay and able to socialize with other seniors.

The Meal Initiative

This is a unique program that seeks to combat food insecurity among ACB seniors by partnering with local small businesses to provide culturally sensitive and diverse weekly meals that are healthy, well-proportioned and free. This is something that is vital to our community as Covid-19 has prevented individuals from obtaining food they are familiar with and is appealing to their taste.

This program would also utilize our strong connections to local small businesses to provide African and Caribbean meals as well as those that provide African and Caribbean snacks and treats. We feel that through this initiative we will not only give back to the community but also provide some comfort to seniors who are feeling isolated and unable to get their groceries and food as per normal.

Although the focus will be on those that are isolated and most vulnerable in our community, individuals do not need to partake in all aspects of the program and can identify if they are interested in either the Isolation or Meal Initiative or both.

Should you wish to find out more information, please call 613-567-0600 or email us at for further details.

Funded by the Canadian Red Cross and Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)


Call Me Let’s Chat! is about increasing opportunities for seniors to participate in community events and programs. This project is aimed to engage seniors by connecting them to events, programs and activities through social media and technology.

Let’s Chat project connects youth and seniors to work together. Seniors learn from youth how to use their smart phones, WhatsApp, skyping, paying bills online, and how to stay connected and informed via social media.

Seniors Drop-in Programs

We provide the following activities:

  • Health promotion presentations
  • Social tea and seniors peer to peer support
  • Light seated exercise
  • Games
  • Arts
  • Computer Lessons
  • Social Events
  • Trips
  • Nature Hikes

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