Dianne Thompson


Dianne Thompson has joined the Jaku Konbit family in the capacity of Youth Coordinator. This is a full circle experience for her. From summer camps to Kwanzaa celebrations and leading the seniors exercise program, her association with Jaku Konbit has grown over the years. She is very passionate about being in service and cares deeply about enriching the community.

With over 20+ years in health and wellness, serving many demographics she remains in service and inspired by the people she encounters. “Our youths’ are an integral part of our village. They are the future leaders and decision makers. We must support them in becoming their best selves, to ensure that our collective agendas are represented. The village has responsibilities and I am a member of the village”.

Dianne describes herself as a student of life. Curious, an adventure seeker who explores off the beaten path and is energized by the individuals she meets along the way.