Father's Day 2023

Fatherhood: A Critical Aspect of Ottawa Family Life

In our National Capital community, Father's Day is an opportunity to recognize paternal bonds and the significance of fatherhood. This annual rite was established 113 years ago in North America, to occur on the third Sunday in June. Today, it is marked around the world across countries, races and religions – including in nearly every part of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Greater Diaspora.

Universally, fatherhood has always been a critical aspect of family life. In Ottawa, Jaku Konbit recognizes that it is essential to the emotional and social development of our young people. We also recognize that single mothers also raise successful children in our community. But the research has consistently shown that children with involved fathers have higher self-esteem and are less likely to engage in risky behaviours such as drug use and criminal activities. Moreover, children with involved fathers tend to perform better academically, have better cognitive and language development, and develop stronger social skills. Fathers can also be impactful role models for their children, showing them the importance of hard work, responsibility, and financial independence.

Lastly, fatherhood is essential to the mental health and well-being of Black men in Canada who face a range of challenges including discrimination, racism, and social exclusion, which can negatively impact their mental health. Fatherhood can provide Black men with a sense of purpose, responsibility, and fulfillment, thus contributing to their overall mental health and well-being. By being present and involved in their children's lives, Black fathers make a huge and impactful difference.

In conclusion, in Ottawa and beyond, fatherhood is significant to the growth and development of Black children, the economic well-being of Black families, the preservation of Black culture and identity, and the mental health and well-being of Black men. That is why, each year, Jaku Konbit recognizes and celebrates the significance of fatherhood in the Black community in Canada.