Gelila Geremew


Gelila Geremew is a Dean’s List steward and a recent honours graduate from Carleton university’s Political Science and International Relations program with a minor in Philosophy. With a wealth of leadership and administrative experiences, she provides operations support to the president, developing and implementing operational strategies and processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as effectively overseeing operational functions.

Gelila has held various positions within Jaku Konbit over the course of several years. She first worked as a student archivist and was one of the apprentices at the Coppin African Teacher Institute summer program (which has allowed her to create her own website that consists of a four-week mini course which primarily focuses on African Educators). Gelila has also been a tutor for Black Star Tutoring Program as well as the Youth Ambassador, Youth Assistant Administrator and Office Administrator. Currently, Gelila is the Operations Officer for Jaku Konbit.

Notably, Gelila has established and serves as the president of Jaku Konbit Charter Club at Carleton University.