Joanne Robinson


Joanne Robinson is an active member in many community organizations. Although she enjoys community work, she also recognizes that it is not just about the community organizations, but the community at large. With that in mind, she expanded her collaborations and volunteerism within mainstream organizations as well within the National Capital Region.

As a member of the Board of Directors for Jaku Konbit, Joanne's portfolio also includes assisting with the Black Star Tutoring program and outreach to seniors.

Joanne has received many acknowledgments for her volunteer services. Within the last few years she has received the following accolades:

  • Leading Women Building Communities – Yasir Naqvi MPP Ottawa Centre
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration’s Ontario Volunteers Service
  • Ontario150 (Prix #OC150) Recipient – Community Service Award - Yasir Naqvi MPP Ottawa Centre
  • Dream Keepers Citation for Outstanding Leadership - Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Joanne looks for ways in which to enhance programs within the community - she does this through collaborative efforts with other associations and/or community members.

Joanne is also the President of Flo's Seniors Health and Care Programs Networks.